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Take a moment to ensure that you have thoroughly read through my website. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible when filling out my booking form below. If you are unable to fill out the booking form or need to supply additional information, you may reach me directly at or (571) 568-1207.

Messages referencing explicit or illegal acts will not be tolerated. My assistant handles all screening, booking, and deposit matters. I only ask for deposit after an extensive screening process. Please double check you are contacting the right email and phone number.

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During each week I will always be available in D.C. But I can come to any city with enough time booked. If you request a city, I will consider visiting. If I am not listed in your city, you can reserve a fly me to you.

I am a low-volume provider. Pre-booking and longer reservations will be honored first.
Schedule may change by the day, depending on requests. If you want my up-to-date schedule, please email me.


 Washington D.C: Weekly

Philadelphia: April 23-24
St. Louis: April 24-26 Confirmed
Chicago: April 26-27 Confirmed
Detroit: April 27-28

Philadelphia: May 7-8 Confirmed
Boston: May 9-10
New York: May 10-11